30 Years of VRMA: Current President Ben Edwards

    As VRMA celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we are pausing to take a look back at the founding of the organization. This is part of an ongoing series recognizing key leaders and moments in the organization's history. 


    Q:  What inspired you to become involved in the VRMA Organization?  
    A:  Al Williams, a past president, was my mentor when I managed ResortQuest Southwest Florida.  Fortunately, Al introduced me to the association and I've attended every year since.
    Q:  Name the top challenge you faced during your presidency?  
    A: Bringing education and governmental advocacy to the forefront.
    Q:  Does this challenge still exist?  
    A: I believe it does and these critical areas will continue to require energy and the attention of the board and the membership.
    Q:  What accomplishment are you most proud of during your tenure?  
    A:  Membership growth, financial management and change in direction. In less than 1-½  years we've seen the VRMA membership reach an all-time high. Financially, net assets have grown year over year and the association has met is financial reserve commitment, ensuring the Association has the financial wherewithal to weather the most difficult of storms. Lastly, I am proud that we are changing the direction of the association from a public relations and distribution channel focus to one of education and advocacy, while creating a more membership driven culture within the organization.
    Q: What do you see as the highest priority for VRMA leadership today?  
    A:  Creating the best educational content and providing the tools necessary to combat onerous vacation rental legislation.
    Q:  Is there a special message you wish to relay to up and coming VRMA leaders?  
    A:  As a leader of the Vacation Rental Managers Association it is imperative to remain resolute in managing the association in an objective, ethical, progressive and selfless manner to ensure industry's success.
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