Fixed Rent Contracts: Good for Managers, Good for Owners

    Join VRMA on Tuesday, April 12 from noon to 1 p.m. for "Fixed Rent Contracts: Good for Managers, Good for Owners." This webinar will be lead by Andrew McConnell of rented and Cliff Johnson of Vacasa.

    Vacation rental professionals are constantly facing new threats. Owners are deciding to self-manage, hotels are beginning to creep into the vacation rental space, and the large vacation rental management companies are growing at a rapid pace. With the consolidation of the industry happening so quickly, it is more important than ever for managers to recruit and retain owners today.
    In this webinar, Andrew McConnell and Cliff Johnson will delve into an innovative approach that is helping managers rapidly grow: guaranteeing homeowners rental income for the year. In combining vacation rental management with the traditional fixed-rent contract, managers can quickly entering new markets, making themselves more marketable to homeowners, and keeping 100 percent of the profit. Not only can this approach help managers stand out from the crowd, it can also serve as an important tool for increasing one’s control (and one’s margins) in this ever more competitive industry.
    Together, we’ll learn the benefits of fixed-rent arrangements, how to write and structure a fixed-rent contract, how to calculate profitable fixed-rent offers, and how to market this arrangement to homeowners.
    Learning Objectives:

    By the end of the webinar, participants should know how to...
    • Structure a fixed-rent contract and deal.
    • Calculate profitable fixed-rent offers.
    • Market fixed-rent arrangements to homeowners to quickly onboard new customers.
    Andrew McConnell, CEO, rented.
    Cliff Johnson, Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer, Vacasa

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