Five Ways to Keep Your Vacation Homes Spotless During the Busy Summer Season

    As a vacation rental manager, your priority during the often-busy summer season is to deliver an immaculate vacation space to every guest without worry. These cleaning tips, brought to you by some of Vacasa’s busiest and most highly valued team members, will keep your home shipshape even when guests are coming and going faster than usual. These tips come from cleaning 231,000 homes across the world, so you know they are tried and true.   
    1. Clean from top to bottom. Don’t make the mistake of getting those kitchen countertops squeaky clean only to dirty them when you wipe down your range hood. There’s nothing more frustrating — or inefficient! — than having to redo a surface you just cleaned. Instead, clean every room from top to bottom.
    2. Don’t forget about corners and baseboards. Mopping or sweeping your floors can be a great way to remove dirt and debris, but often these methods just push the gunk into corners and onto baseboards. Make sure to pay special attention to these areas after you’ve cleaned your floors. A vacuum designed for hardwood floors is a fantastic time-saver, too.
    3. Clean windows during the daytime. A light, bright afternoon is the best time to wipe down your windows because fingerprints (and pawprints) are most visible at this time of day. In the evening or early morning, it’s easy to miss these hard-to-spot smudges.
    4. Take the extra time to make the perfect bed. A bed is the focal point that draws people into a bedroom. Make it as inviting as possible by layering the right combination of linens and mastering crisp hospital corners. Our housekeepers recommend at least four full-size pillows, plus some accent pillows to add visual interest, as well as a combination of textures, like a faux-fur throw layered over a cotton duvet.
    5. Check for cobwebs. It’s easy to go into a home — especially the large ones and during busy season — and not notice cobwebs. Taking the time to look up and scan a room is a good remedy for this. Prime places for cobwebs include light fixtures (hanging and recessed), high corners, upper walls where the ceiling meets the wall, and around windows.
    6. Follow the wall. Cleaning along the wall ensures that you touch every nook and cranny and don’t miss anything. Just follow the wall!
    7. Have a routine. Cleaning a home in the same way every time will help you breeze through your checklist. Whether you like to tackle the bathrooms first or whether you prefer to start in the kitchen, you’ll be at your most efficient if you stick to a routine.

    Finally, remember that in creating a soothing, welcoming retreat for your guests, you’re an integral part of someone’s family vacation. Be proud of the work you’ve done to keep the home in beautiful condition!
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