How to Create Interesting and Valuable Marketing Content in a Competitive Vacation Rental Marketplace

    With various social media sites competing for your attention and content, it's difficult to determine exactly where you should be spending your time, and what content you should post. There are blogs and articles to be written, infographics to be created, and photos and videos to be captured. As a vacation rental manager, you are probably asking which of these channels and types of content are going to drive qualified consumers to your vacation rental properties.

    Without looking at each business individually, it's impossible to determine exactly what social media networks and content are best, but there are some general guidelines that professional and expert marketers follow in order to increase their effectiveness that can be applied to vacation rentals. Be sure to check out our high-fiber strategy at the end!
    You’ve Got Personality, Use It!
    Written content generally includes blogs, articles and long-form posts on Facebook. This content is appropriate when establishing expertise and relaying important information to your audience, but it has limited application when engaging and attracting potential customers.  

    When writing, you will want to keep your message succinct and simple, write with personality, keep your post short, include pictures, remember who your audience is and be sure to include valuable content for which your audience is desperately hungry.
    Put Some Info in Your Graphics
    Infographics are visually appealing, easy to understand, and include interesting and valuable information, which make them an especially valuable tool for capturing and keeping attention. In fact, a quality infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than an article or blog. Unfortunately, they are under-utilized as a communication tool; but, on the upside, you can’t really go wrong with infographics.
    Make It Sizzle Like Bacon
    High-quality photos and videos featuring your vacation homes help attract attention regardless of what social media network you use — especially if they use color, are unique or have a caption that asks for engagement. Plus, they'll save you thousands of words of written content.

    Some good guidelines to follow when posting photos and videos as a vacation rental manager or owner include: Post regularly; show off your properties and the nearby locations; don't be afraid to include yourself or guests in photos or videos; and use hashtags when posting on Twitter and Instagram to increase your viewership.
    The High-Fiber Strategy
    Regardless of what social media network you use or what type of content you post, it's important that you post regularly. Organize your posts by creating a posting calendar or set aside a certain time every week to schedule upcoming posts. 

    The best first step is trial and error; after a short time, you'll be able to determine what works best for your vacation rental and business processes.
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