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    VRMA Connect events bring together city-, state-, or regional-level organizations that are affiliated with the vacation rental industry.

    They provide valuable opportunities for industry professionals to connect in-person, face-to-face, in their own “backyard.” These one- or two-day events provide structured time to learn, network, share ideas, and discuss local issues and challenges. They also serve as a means to advocate on behalf of the industry and educate local officials and other civic leaders about the role that vacation rentals play in their local communities.

    Would your city, state, or region benefit from holding a VRMA Connect event? Contact VRMA Headquarters at +1 (202) 367-1179 or email vrma@vrma.org to learn more. Event sponsorships also are available.


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    VRMA Connect North Carolina

    December 3, 2019
    Carolina Inn
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Want to see a VRMA Connect near you? Contact vrma@vrma.org. All dates, locations, and affiliations are subject to change.