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    A Strong Dollar Has U.S. Buyers Flooding Overseas Housing Markets

    Ninety-two percent of high-net-worth Americans actively looked at real estate overseas in 2022, according to survey data from Coldwell Banker Global Luxury’s 2022 Trend Report. The number of high-net-worth-individuals who purchased a home overseas in 2022 is estimated to be 14 percent higher than in 2021 and 29 percent higher than in 2019. “We started noticing more high-net-worth individuals looking overseas as early as 2017, especially younger people who want to move overseas and investors,” said Lief Simon, co-owner of Live and Invest Overseas. “Many of the investors are looking for a vacation home that pays for itself through rental income.”

    Barron's (02/06/23) Michele Lerner

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