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    Airbnb Listings Reach Record 6.1 Million

    AirDNA estimates that 54 percent of worldwide Airbnb listings have been added since 2020, leading to a record 6.1 million active listings in September. Listings in the third quarter rose 22 percent compared to 2019 with a migration toward destination markets. Brazil saw the most growth among the top 10 countries with 69 percent of units online in the third quarter versus 2019, while earlier this year Airbnb said it would exit China, delisting 500,000 properties. The only markets in the top 25 which have also lost listings from third-quarter 2021 were Sydney, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, probably because of tough regulations constraining new supply. Overall, Airbnb eliminated 185,000 listings in September and gained 80,000. Austin, Texas, Toronto, Canada, and Madrid, Spain, are cities which have seen the most year-over-year growth, credited to the return of travelers to urban destinations. Yet many operators have experienced a downturn lately due to declining occupancy levels fueled by inventory increases.

    Short Term Rentalz (11/24/22) Eloise Hanson

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