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    Larimer County, Colo., Seeks Feedback on Latest Draft of Vacation Rental Policy

    Larimer County, Colorado, is soliciting feedback on the latest version of its vacation rental policy, with the first draft having specified four categories of short-term rentals, capping the number of nights a property could be rented, mandating a new licensing hearing if the property changes ownership, and requiring a property owner or manager to respond to complaints within an hour. Vacation rental owners said the draft made it more difficult to profit from their properties, damaged the overall economy, and complicated the transfer of ownership to family members. The new draft assigns only three rental categories, eliminating the category allowing more than 10 occupants. Permitted guest numbers depend on the number of guest bedrooms multiplied by two, while limits on the number of nights units are rented have been removed. Existing short-term rentals have until March 1 to transfer their licenses, but a minimum 500-foot separation between short-term rentals is required, which makes it "unlikely you would ever get an [short-term rental] approved in the residential area," according to Estes Valley Short Term Rental Alliance President Greg Rosener.

    Fort Collins Coloradoan (CO) (01/17/23) Pat Ferrier

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