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    Majority in Aspen, Colorado, Tax Survey Favors New Tax on Short-Term Rentals

    A survey of 322 voters in Aspen, Colorado, found nearly two-thirds approve of a new tax charged to guests at short-term rentals (STRs), with 63 percent of respondents favoring such a tax against 36 percent who did not. The poll's results will help inform the Aspen City Council's decision at an upcoming meeting on whether to propose an excise tax in November. Support for the excise tax also declined when its rates increased. Most voters favored tax rates of either 9 percent or 13 percent, as opposed to the maximum proposed rate of 20 percent. "Voters feel STRs are negatively impacting neighborhoods, the sense of community, and the availability and price of housing in Aspen," stated survey organizer Frederick Polls in the summary results. "They also feel that short-term renters are not paying the full cost of their impact on Aspen services or their fair share compared to other commercial business operations." The current combined sales-tax rate in Aspen is 11.3 percent, and an extra 13 percent tax for STRs means guests would be paying 24.4 percent in taxes for each overnight. That tax rate is expected to generate an estimated maximum of $10.7 million in taxes proceeds for the city.

    Aspen Times (08/11/22) Rick Carroll

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