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    VRMA Member Spotlight: Never Stop Learning

    VRMA's Member Spotlight series recognizes active members in the VRMA community. This week, read a Q&A with April Burns, InterCoastal Net Designs. Burns shares why she joined VRMA, how VRMA’s benefits and opportunities have impacted her career, advice she would give to others in the industry and more.

    Why did you join VRMA?

    April 2.jpgVRMA represents the largest group of professionals in this industry — therefore, critical to be a part of. It allows us to meet fellow members that we might not ever get to meet without the meetings and conferences. It has also allowed us to get to meet other suppliers and build partnerships with them to help our client maximize their businesses.

    What is your favorite VRMA member benefit?

    In-person conferences  especially International VRMA. And the opportunity to present.

    How has VRMA impacted your career?

    VRMA has allowed me to build both professional and personal relationships. It has allowed me to grow in my sales role, while giving the opportunity to present about important events in our industry, like owner acquisitions and relations, social media marketing and more.

    Our involvement in VRMA has helped us grow our business.

    Would you recommend VRMA to others? If so, why?

    Yes, it is a great way to connect to other professionals in the industry. It allows you to share concerns, successes and everyday information with those that are in your same shoes.

    What advice do you/would you give to people new to the vacation rental industry?

    I would suggest for people new to the vacation rental industry to be open-minded, ask a lot of questions and never stop learning about the opportunities VRMA has to offer.


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