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    Short-Term Rental Regulations in Columbia, Mo., Survey Receives Backlash

    A majority residents in of Columbia, Mo., oppose short-term rental (STR) regulations, according to a survey conducted by the City Planning and Zoning Commission. The survey asked a series of seven questions with the goal of discovering the general attitude of residents on whether and how to regulate STRs. Of 432 respondents, 271 said they do not support limitations on the location of short-term rentals, while 161 said they do. Additionally, 261 respondents said they do not support limitations on the number of short-term rental licenses a property owner or authorized tenant may obtain, and 172 said they do. A majority of respondents, however, do support minimum registration standards, such as a business license, payment of lodging taxes and dwelling unit inspections to ensure health and safety. The commission in June 2021 developed a new set of STR regulations to submit to the City Council for review. The council directed the commission to develop and conduct the public opinion survey.

    Columbia Missourian (05/05/2023) Amelia Hurley

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