A New, Free Member Benefit

    With the new AchieveLinks® Business Rewards Program, you'll earn rewards by simply running your business the same way you already do every day.


    With this exclusive VRMA member program, you can earn Links® Reward Points when you shop with your favorite merchants online like Home Depot®, Staples®, Travelocity®, Macy's®, Target® and 900+ top merchants.


    AchieveLinks participants also get exclusive discount offers, along with each merchant partner's public sales. Earning Links just makes the discounts sweeter!


    Redeem Links for items that enhance your business or even pay your VRMA dues or conference fees.


    Shop, earn, redeem-it's that easy!


    In addition to helping your bottom line, your participation gives back to VRMA. VRMA will earn a royalty on every purchase you make, giving the association additional resources to strengthen and provide new programs for you.


    Members will receive emails from AchieveLinks® with instructions on how to opt-in and activate their accounts.


    We hope you'll find this a new valuable benefit for your business as well as for the VRMA programs it will support.


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