The new VRMA new logo is...


    Every member was given the chance to participate in this survey, which allowed participants to choose between the organization's current key logo and a new logo concept. The results are in: A resounding 84 percent of members prefer the VRMA "open door" logo concept over the key logo.



    This logo represents unlocking possibilities. The open door represents the opportunity membership in VRMA provides. The "M" doubling as an open door creates a welcome environment for members and their customers.


    The response rate was higher than average for VRMA member surveys; additionally, many members took the time to submit comments at the end of the survey. Though 84% of members voted for the open door logo, we also recognize that 16% of members did not. Already work is being done to tweak the open door design concept and incorporate feedback from the survey.


    With this overwhelmingly positive response to change, we are pleased to move forward with this logo concept.

    Over the coming weeks and months, this logo will be incorporated into all of VRMA's various outlets, including (but not limited to):

    • Eastern and Western Seminar materials
    • A new email template
    • A new association website
    • Newly designed publications
    • ...and more!

    In the coming weeks, a final version of the logo will be distributed along with a brand standards guide so that you may use this logo in your marketing materials.


    We appreciate your participation, patience and enthusiasm as we move forward. The key logo has served the organization well through the years--and it's now time to unlock the power and possibilities of the professionally managed vacation rental industry as it moves forward.

    About VRMA's Rebranding Initiative


    Within the survey comments, a few members asked why VRMA launched its rebranding initiative.


    VRMA's rebranding efforts are about more than a new logo. Last year, members were asked what the VRMA brand meant. The most common answer was startling: Most members were unsure. Even within the organization's own membership, VRMA's brand was not recognizable or well-defined.


    In order to grow and truly be the voice of the industry, VRMA, led by a task force of manager and supplier members, embarked on a rebranding initiative to better define itself and its value for current members, the entire professionally managed vacation rental industry and consumers.


    Member feedback has been critical in defining VRMA's brand. All members have had opportunities to participate. Your feedback through surveys, focus groups, phone calls and interviews has directly shaped a new mission, vision, values and promise. These elements are the cornerstone of how VRMA strives to serve its membership.

    Next steps

    Actions speak louder than words. VRMA's brand can't be empty words and a new logo. VRMA is taking the steps necessary to improve member value, elevate the professionally managed vacation rental industry and help build a global reputation as the preferred vacation stay option. The branding feedback and the responses from the Member Survey earlier this year are currently being reviewed to shape VRMA's overall strategy. Additional communications will detail the changes as they are implemented.


    Thank you for your feedback, as always, and we look forward to embarking with you on this new path toward VRMA's future.

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