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    One Year of Content: Vacation Rental Inbound Marketing Templates

    Happy Spring y’all!
    The days are quickly ticking away towards the start of the Summer season. Your “to do” list is overflowing with spring and summer preparations. I feel your pain/excitement. But now is not the time to lose sight of your marketing efforts.
    In fact, it’s time to kick your content marketing into high gear. Your guests are coming out of their winter hibernation, and thoughts of awesome summer vacations are building into travel plans. 
    Now is the time to capture the attention of travelers with your amazingly valuable online content.
    Since I know your day is jam-packed, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Below you will find thoughts on building a content calendar for your vacation rental inbound marketing efforts.
    Even better than “thoughts,” not only will I offer my 2 cents on building your content calendar, but I’ll share a
    calendar that is already full of content ideas…enough to fill your entire year! And you can download the full calendar template…for free. Freelicious. Freezilla!
    Yep, a little gift from me to you. De nada. :)


     download template button.jpg 

    First, a quick recap. We’ve reached Confessions of a VR Marketing Director: Part IV, and here’s a blast from the past for parts I-III:
    • Part I: A bit of my experience and why I may  have some secrets hidden up my marketing sleeves.
    • Part II: Why “inbound marketing” is the bees knees & the PERFECT fit for vacation rental marketing.
    • Part III: 12 tips & tricks for a vacation rental marketing ninja

    As I’ve stressed throughout this series, content marketing is all about adding consistent value to your audience.
    Consistency + Valuable Content = Great Inbound Marketing
    (i.e. Happy Followers, Good SEO, New/Repeat Guests, Social Media Interaction, yada, yada, yada)

    1. Consistency: The first piece of this equation is consistency, and consistency comes from a solid plan.
      • Think through your entire year of marketing. Create a calendar and execute – every day.
    2. Valuable Content: The second piece of the equation is value. “Value” is difficult to define. It changes based on our needs, but we tend to “know it when we see it.”
      • Think through all types of guest/client needs and desires, and focus your content on these needs utilizing a wide variety of content – pictures, video, “how to’s”, “top 10’s,” etc., etc.
      • Don’t stress about perfection. You’ll improve over time, and you’ll be amazed by what catches people’s attention.
    You know your area, and you know what your guests want. Focus on meeting their needs with a great piece of content every day.

    I know, it sounds much easier than it is. Sure, just create great content…every day! (Says everyone,
    laying on the sarcasm pretty thick.” See classic Tommy Boy clip below.)

    Tommy Boy – “Laying on the sarcasm pretty thick…”

    I recognize the challenge of coming up with content ideas. It’s a mountainous task with no good time to focus on it…especially for an entire year.

    Which is why I’ve created an
    entire year of content marketing ideas for you. You can adjust this for your needs and your area – change titles, add titles, etc. – but the framework is there. And the beauty is you can build on this each year. Once you have the calendar, you won’t need to recreate the wheel each year.

    As an added bonus, I’ve also created a
    high-level marketing calendar with top priorities broken down by day, week, month and year.

    download template button.jpg

    Next steps towards your vacation rental marketing genius:
    1. Download free content marketing calendars.
    2. Adjust content ideas for your needs.
    3. Create great content.
    4. Share far and wide.
    5.  Have fun!

    *Tip – Awesome Social Sharing Tool!:
    • An awesome tool I use every day to share my content.
    • The free version allows you to share to four social media sites, which is pretty much all I share on anyway: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
    • Download the browser extension to make sharing content as easy as 1 click!

    Bonus: Here’s a list of blog posts/topics I created as the Marketing Director for Seaside Vacations on the Outer Banks. This list of examples is a direct result of the templates you can download, and if you bounce around the blog a bit, you may find some other ideas. I maintained the blog until September 2012, but the Seaside team has done a great job keeping it up since my departure.

    Adam Blog Post Examples:

    PS: By the way, I may be traveling to your area soon to meet with VRMs to discuss the benefits of
    PointCentral Smart Home Control and/or as part of the Red Sky VRM seminars. If you’re available, I’d love to chat. Drop me a quick comment below if you’d like to catch-up.

    PPS: While we’re on the subject of comments, I’d love to see some of your awesome content creations. Please feel free to share links in the comments below.
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