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    Preparing for the Regional Seminars: Start Your Action Plan Now

    Think back and be honest: When’s the last time you left a conference with an actionable plan linked to key takeaways garnered throughout the event?
    Me neither.
    But only because it requires some time and planning. And, truthfully, no one has ever offered to coach me through the process. Lucky for you, I’ve done the legwork. Following some industry research and conversations with colleagues, I’ve developed a simple, five-step process for easily transforming ideas into action.
    Let me be clear: You will leave the VRMA regional seminar with an action plan in place you can share with your team and your supervisor upon returning to work. And it will be simple enough you can begin checking action items off your to-do list almost immediately.
    The fact of the matter is this: People like you and me attend conferences to learn and to network. It’s not like we get to do it everyday, so we have to make it count. But sometimes we leave wondering what it is we learned or what we should do next.
    If we’re more astute and intentional about the way we approach a conference like the VRMA regional seminar, we can leverage these opportunities to seek real world strategies for breathing life into seminar takeaways.
    So take just a moment to think about and complete the following phrase in the context of the issues you’re currently facing in your workplace:

    • I face issues in…

    Wouldn’t it be incredibly productive to gather ideas that could address these challenges during the upcoming VRMA regional seminar?

    Not only is it possible, it’s my number one goal.
    So let’s dig a little deeper. Assuming you plan to attend one of the April seminars, take a few more moments to complete the following phrase:

    • I will use this opportunity to explore the roadblocks, barriers and challenges that prevent me from…

    Having answered each of these question prompts (and it’s completely fair if you need to circle back to them before attending the seminar), the interactive and highly engaging closing general session I’ve prepared will help you recognize both lessons learned and areas of opportunity for further exploration.
    You’ll also be guided through a fun and simple process for identifying next steps, establishing timeframes and finalizing details. Expect to leave with a renewed motivation to improve and enhance practices upon your return to work and with an action plan that’s designed to meet your unique needs.
    And it doesn’t stop there! Following this session we’ll stay in touch to celebrate your accomplishments and to support the implementation of your action items.
    Until then, feel free to connect with me on
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via my blog. I look forward to meeting you!
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