Easy Report to Analyze Vacation Rental Marketing Competition

    Another quick installment for you VRM marketing junkies! 

    We all recognize the importance of online marketing. But how do you know how you stack up against your competition?
    A difficult conundrum that every marketer faces. 
    I believe there is a very easy method that VRMs can use to measure their marketing success against their competition. Here’s what I did as the Marketing Director for Seaside Vacations…
    (Unique Website Visitors Per Month) ÷ (# of Homes) = # of Unique Website Visits Per Home
    This isn’t perfect, but it sure does offer a pretty telling description of how your marketing is performing against your competition….regardless of company size, marketing dollars, etc. Take a look at a sample report below. 

    The next question is how do find unique website visitors for your competition. Sure, you know yours from Google Analytics, but you don’t have access to your competitors GA. 
    The secret sauce:
    It’s a manual effort, and you may have to sign-up for a free account (sign-up wasn’t necessary when I used it), but the information is awesome. 
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