The Art and the Science of Personality Testing in the Hiring Process

    Just like with other industries, it is important to ensure the potential new hire has the right skills for the position in question, and will be a good cultural fit for your company.

    In our industry, however, we have the added degree of difficulty of needing to understand and manage not just one, but two different and very important clients: homeowners and vacationers. Finding the right people who understand this crucial balance can be the difference in building a successful business that is a joy to work for, and finding yourself in a company that you no longer even recognize or wish to be a part of.

    This whitepaper outlines a four-step process to personality testing.
    • Step 1 begins with creating the right structure for your
    personality testing.
    • Step 2 goes on to define the content of the personality testing.
    • Step 3 gets into the process of conducting personality testing.
    • Step 4 discusses how to use what you have developed in Steps 1-3 even after the hiring decision is made.

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