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    VRMA turns 30: Where were you in 1985?

    VRMA is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. This is part of an ongoing series recognizing key leaders and moments in the organization's history. 


    Where were you in 1985? 

    I have trouble remembering 30 minutes ago, never mind 30 years – 3 kids will do that.


    Here are a few highlights from the way-back machine [full list]:
    • New Coke was invented
    • Nintendo came to the US
    • Rock Me Amadeus was a hit on the radio
    • MacGyver was on the tube (not YouTube!)
    • Back to the Future hit the big screens
    • Wrestle Mania debuted at Madison Square Garden
    Why is 1985 relevant to the vacation rental industry?
    As you may have noticed on the VRMA blog, newsletter, website, logo, etc., 1985 was the start of VRMA – yep, VRMA is 30 years old!
    Here’s a quick back-story on the birth – VRMA: The Beginning
    Starting to feel old? Yeah, me too.
    Amazing how quickly time passes.
    Even more amazing – the incredible growth and maturity of the vacation rental industry.
    Browse The Beginning post and then take a look at the trends posts below. An industry completely fragmented and lacking a central association to even communicate among like-minded businesses has blossomed into a world-wide industry with publicly traded companies approaching a $100B value! Amazing.

    To celebrate the industry we all love, we’ll be sharing some 30th Anniversary-related posts over the next few months leading up to a celebration at the Annual Conference in October.

    As the Chairperson of the VRMA Communications Committee (i.e. the dude that asks y’all to write blog posts), my focus is on content.
    In the online marketing world, quality content = quality marketing. I’m happy to report that VRMA (with your help) has been kicking out some great content the past few years.
    As I’ve preached in my previous marketing posts (see below), consistent, quality content will lead to increased traffic. Check out the growth in traffic for the VRMA website and blog…




    Awesome growth, right? Thanks to all of you for contributing.

    To celebrate the VRMA 30th Anniversary, it seems fitting to share the top 30 posts from the VRMA blog – trends, marketing, operations, customer service, homeowner retention/acquisition, reservations, housekeeping. My guess is you’ll find a gem or two hidden in this list.

    VRMA's Top 30 Blog Posts
    1. VR Industry Trends: Q1 2014
    2. VR Industry Trends: Q3 2013
    3. Top 12 Tips & Tricks for the VR Marketing Ninja
    4. VR Industry Trends: Q4 2014
    5. A Day in the Life of a VRM: The 3 Types of Guests
    6. VR Industry Trends: Q2 2014
    7. 10 Reasons Homeowners Really Do Need a Vacation Rental Manager
    8. New Vacation Rental Business Models: Next-Gen VRMs
    9. VR Industry Trends: Q1 2015
    10. The 5 R’s of Owner Retention
    11. New Revenue: Raise Fees, Lower Commissions
    12. Adapt or Die: 4 Revenue Strategies to Survive in 21st Century Vacation Rental Management
    13. Innovative Revenue Models from the Vacation Rental Industry & Beyond
    14. VR Industry Trends: Q2 2015
    15. VR Industry Trends: Q3 2014
    16. Winning the Difficult Customers
    17. Top 8 Vacation Rental Myths Debunked
    18. Why Should Homeowners Go with a Pro?
    19. 5 Tips to Managing Turn Days
    20. What Do Your Guests Want?
    21. How To Prosper from Hospitality Industry Trends
    22. Dealing with Difficult Guests
    23. Easy Report to Analyze Vacation Rental Marketing Competition
    24. Google Keywords Not Provided? 10 Ways for VRMs to Adapt
    25. Government Affairs: HomeAway Sues San Francisco for Right to Rent
    26. Top Educational Resources for Mastering Vacation Rental Marketing
    27. Attention Vacation Rental Reservation Agents: Go Beyond Website Search Support
    28. 4 Pinterest Features Vacation Rental Managers Can’t Live Without
    29. Revenue & Yield Management: Overcoming Challenges Unique to the Vacation Rental Industry
    30. 7 Tried-and-True Steps for Making the Perfect Vacation Rental Bed
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