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    Top 30 Signs That You Might Be a Vacation Rental Manager

    As VRMA celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we are pausing to take a look back at the founding of the organization. This is part of an ongoing series celebrating 30 years. 



    30.   You always know where to get the best deals on sheets, electronics, pots and pans and every kind of obscure and unnecessary home supply known to man.

    29.   You hoard Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons.

    28.   You have every type of maintenance and repair contractor on speed dial and are on a first name basis with most of them.

    27.   You know where every breaker box, GFI button and plunger is located in every property that you manage, but you can’t find these same items in your own home.

    26.   You drive a car big enough to carry garbage bins, patio umbrellas and chaise lounges just for those days when you need shopping therapy. 

    25.   Always prepared for the unexpected, you stock your car with toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, light bulbs and batteries … but sometimes you forget to buy gas.

    24.   Being on the phone all day long, you’re often out of touch with friends and family. After office, you hate talking on the phone!

    23.   One of your special superhuman powers (vacation rental managers have many), is the ability to tactfully explain to that occasional vacation home owner, that you cannot manage their “very unique and desirably challenged” property, while maintaining your smile and without hurting their feelings in the very least.

    22.   Sometimes your head hurts and your muscles ache from balancing on the fence between owners and renters; but as a master negotiator and peacemaker (more superhuman powers), you down a fist full of aspirin with a Venti cup of Starbuck’s strongest, and climb back up on top of that fence.

    21.   You must have a constant level of caffeine in your system to get through your work day.

    20.   You know far too many cleaning tips and tricks. Your family and friends always call you first when they need advice on removing stains from sheets, toilets, furniture and carpets.

    19.   Sometimes when the phone rings you have been known to yell from your office, “If it’s for me, tell them I died.”

    18.   You might forget your keys, wallet/purse, or cell phone … but you are never ever, ever without business cards.

    17.   You love looking at potential new properties and will often use their decorating ideas on properties you manage or on your own home.

    16.   You strive to treat every client equally and admit to no one that you secretly have favorite tenants, owners and properties.

    15.   You have developed an excellent sixth-sense in identifying potential problem clients. Unfortunately you do not always heed the warning signs.

    14.   You make a game of turning a negative into a positive, an unhappy client into a loyal customer … and you keep a score sheet on your office wall.

    13.   You often find yourself looking at the sky and asking … “If the buck stops here, why am I not rich?”

    12.   You have an abundance of patience, but during busy season, it can be spent before your first bathroom break. 

    11.   You have a special ring tone for code compliance on your cell phone.

    10.  You’ve seen far too many of your guests in some degree of undress when delivering keys after they’ve locked themselves out of their vacation home.

    9.    You know most of your owners and repeat clients by voice … especially the challenging ones!

    8.    Your staff is well trained in recognizing when you need to be rescued from lengthy meetings or phone calls and are quick to inform you of … achmmmm “a dire emergency” that needs your immediate attention.

    7.    You know every name on your “do not rent” list … by heart.

    6.    You genuinely like people, however sometimes you would prefer them skinned and sautéed in butter and garlic.

    5.    You always have a colorful collection of posty note reminders surrounding your computer monitor, on the dashboard of your car and at home on your bathroom mirror.

    4.    Considering yourself tech savvy, you made the huge mistake of texting clients from your cell.  You thought that this would save you in lengthy phone conversations.  Now you hear that #@!*## text message alert at all times … day and night!

    3.    Outside office hours when your cell rings, your heart jumps and you glare at your cell phone’s caller ID … even if you are not on call.

    2.    Instead of counting sheep to fall asleep, you recite the property addresses you manage.
    And the number one sign that you might be a vacation rental manager ….
    1.   You fully realize that you’re absolutely nuts for loving your job but you cannot imagine finding anything as challenging or rewarding as this crazy, wonderful, every-changing industry and the interesting people and situations that you face each and every day … but after all, you’re nuts!  

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