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    Ceramic Tile Flooring: "Wow" Factor on a Budget

    As both a designer of vacation rentals and a renter there are many aspects of design that I consider when working on spaces for a vacation rentals. First and foremost is durability and ease of cleaning, second is aesthetics and longevity of style. When designing these spaces we want to appeal to a wide variety of clients as well as try to work within the style of the home. We have found through trial and error what types of materials work well in these spaces and are fairly universal while being easy on the budget.

    Some of our best designs rely on simplicity. Using budget friendly wood look or stone look ceramic tiles in the place of wood or natural stone is one major way to create a beautiful space while maintaining durability and ease of care.
    Wood look tile is available in a variety of lengths and widths and can be used to create different patterns adding custom design and feeling to interior spaces. We often use a varied pattern running the length of the room to help make the space feel larger and draw the eye to an outside view or location. Each space is unique so giving this small attention to detail can make all the difference in the finished room. We also try to keep the grout lines to a minimum which ensures the flooring looks more like the intended wood product and helps ease the work of cleaning.

    The wood look tile and natural stone ceramic tile also has the advantage of durability coming off of wet locations such as pool decks, beaches and lakes. When installing in possible wet locations we recommend you use the standard for commercial slip coefficients.

    These products are now available at a large variety of vendors and can be found in just about any price range allowing you to create a style rich environment that is budget friendly.
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