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    5 Customer Review Tips to Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings

    Negative customer reviews can create added trust that the positive reviews on a vacation property rental website are genuine and, perhaps more importantly, it also presents an opportunity to show professionalism in the way that the company responds. Remember all replies are making a statement to each potential customer so professionalism should be key in every comment.
    1. For any reply to a guest review, the first tip is to be timely. A quick response demonstrates that you are customer focused and that you value opinions. It is worth taking the time to thank a customer for making the effort to leave a review as it may lead to more online bookings or process improvements. It is seen as a positive gesture to thank the customer for providing that feedback.
    2. It is important to be polite and respectful, no matter what the customer review said. If the comment is inflammatory, take the heat out of the situation. A reply should never be written in anger, so take time away to calm down before writing a response and then proof the final version. A calm, dignified reply will be respected.
    3. Apologize to the customer. An apology shows empathy for their problem. A simple “I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our property,” may alleviate any hard feelings and defuse a potential situation.
    4. If there have been problems such as communication mix-ups or technical difficulties, take time to investigate and remedy them where necessary. By explaining your efforts, you can satisfy the complainant and put potential guests’ minds at ease that the situation will not occur again.
    5. Finally, being brief is important. If there is a lot to say, or it is a private matter, invite the customer to contact you directly to talk privately. Provide contact details such as an email address and a contact name.
    Whenever you receive a guest review, there is an opportunity to use that feedback as a valuable way of improving your vacation rental business and service, as well as potentially attracting new customers. Don’t miss it!
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