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    VRMA Blog Editorial Guidelines


    The VRMA Blog is an important means to share best practices, create dialogue among members, and advance our profession. As a VRMA member or industry professional, you are invited to provide an informative, engaging guest blog post about your experience. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and share your insights and success stories with other members and industry leaders.


    • The blog is updated weekly. 
    • Blog posts will be promoted in VRMA Weekly and on VRMA’s website.
    • Articles and content ideas should be submitted to Alexa Schlosser at aschlosser@vrma.org.


    • General word count is between 700 and 1,200 words per post.
    • Provide a suggested headline in bold font at the top of your post.
    • All content inquiries and submissions must be educational and speak to an audience of vacation rental managers and professionals. Examples of topics include:
      • Reservations/Marketing
      • Operations and Maintenance
      • Administrative Duties/Skills
      • Revenue Generation
      • Reacting/Disaster Management
    • Content submitted by vendors should be educational — not promotional.
    • Submissions should be in a Word doc attached to an email – No PDFs or email body text.
    • Authors are encouraged to submit graphs, charts, sample forms, photos, or video links to add clarity to an article, as appropriate.
      • Photos, charts, and graphics should be submitted as separate JPG files. Please do not embed photos in text documents.
    • Content from contributors must be original:
      • Authors should include complete references when discussing particular concepts, principles or statistics.
      • If sharing content that has already been published, the editor will post the first two to three paragraphs and link to the remainder of the post on the original site – please provide the link to the original post.
    • Along with full blog text, authors must submit:
      • Brief biography (do not exceed 50-60 words), which may include title, company, website, social media handles, and contact information.
      • Please include an updated headshot if you do not already have one on file.
    • The VRMA content team reserves the right to select and edit content that is deemed appropriate for our audience.


    If you would like to submit content for the VRMA blog, please email Alexa Schlosser at aschlosser@vrma.org with the required materials, as stated above.


    • Submissions should contain items of interest or importance to the professionally managed vacation rental industry. Submissions should not contain direct solicitations, prices, or a call-to-action on the part of our readers.
    • In all cases, VRMA reserves the right to edit submissions to fit space limitations, retain the blog post and publish at a later date, or refuse to publish the submission for any reason.
    • Neither publishing nor refusing to publish the submission should be considered a statement of VRMA’s opinion regarding the content of the post.
    • Write in a professional, yet approachable tone. Avoid jargon and acronyms.
    • We do not accept nor offer compensation for blog posts.
    • Please allow at minimum two weeks for review with the content team before posting.


    Please email Alexa Schlosser at aschlosser@vrma.org.