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    Arrival is the premier magazine targeted exclusively to owners, managers and others involved in the vacation rental management industry. Published by the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA), every issue has a direct circulation to more than 2,200 VRMA members and key industry stakeholders. 


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    VRMA Arrival Magazine Rates
    4-Color Only

    Size Price

    Full Page

    Half Page $1,150
    Cover 2 $2,325
    Cover 3 $2,050
    Cover 4 (Half Page) $1,785

    Dates and Deadlines

    Issue Insertion Order Deadline Artwork Submission Deadline Distribution
    Issue 1 January 14 January 20 March
    Issue 2  April 13 April 20 June
    Issue 3  July 13 July 21 September
    Issue 4  October 12 October 19 December


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    Digital Files

    Layout files should be created in one of the following programs: Adobe FreeHand, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, or QuarkXPress. PDF print-optimized files, high-resolution, are acceptable as long as all fonts are embedded. Color ads should be submitted in CMYK format.

    Unacceptable Formats

    GIF, JPG, low-resolution PDF and TIF. Generally, if the file size is small (less than 1 MB), it is unacceptable for printing.


    600+ DPI. Line art (1 bit): 800 to 1200 DPI for bitmapped graphics; for best results, use vector art EPS files such as those created by Adobe FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator.

    Acceptable Media

    High-resolution PDF.

    Arrival Digital Hub

    The Arrival Digital Hub is our official online content source. Updated weekly, Arrival features content primarily from member-contributors and internal staff writers and includes timely and relevant news related to industry trends, best practices, and events.


    Sponsored Content: $1,000 per article


    The sponsor fee includes:

    • Placement: Third article position on Arrival homepage for two weeks
    • Frequency: Full article will be archived on the Arrival site forever
    • Word Count: Homepage Summary (30-40 words); Article Page (500-800 words)

    Note: Content will be branded as "Sponsored Content." VRMA reserves the right to revise all articles to the Arrival style and voice.


    VRMA Arrival Hub Advertising Opportunities

    Ad Size

    Rate Per Month

    Top Leaderboard (homepage and landing pages) 940 x 100 $600
    Medium Rectangle (homepage only) 300 x 240 $400
    Bottom Leaderboard HP (homepage only) 940 x 100 $350
    Sidebar Rectangle (landing pages only) 230 x 184 $400
    Bottom Leaderboard About (about page only) 700 x 75 $300

    Ad files should be sent in .jpg or .png. External ads are also accepted if sent with HTML. All files must be high resolution for the web to avoid distortion.

    Arrival Weekly 

    Issues of the Weekly newsletter hit VRMA members' inboxes every week, containing association announcements, regulatory updates, industry news, and more. Advertising in the e-newsletter is your opportunity to be seen by the entire VRMA membership.

    Monthly Rates

    Ad Size:
    Horizontal Banner (540 x 100 pixels)

    1x 4x 6x 12x
    $2,500/month $2,200/month $2,000/month $1,800/month


    Launched in 2019, the VRMA Arrival Podcast is the official podcast series of the Vacation Rental Management Association. Hundreds of listeners tune in each episode for discussion of vacation rental management trends, hot topics, and association initiatives with the industry’s leading minds.

    Per Episode
    Podcast Sponsorship Package:
    Sponsor to provide 15-second pre-, 60-second mid-, and/or 30-second post-roll script(s) for host to read. Also includes sponsor recognition in multiple communications.

    Additional Advertising Opportunities

    VRMA Webinar


    VRMA members attend one-hour webinars to hear industry experts speak about the hottest topics in vacation rental management. You provide the content and subject matter expertswe offer a project manager, develop the audience, handle all marketing and hosting, and provide a professional moderator to manage the discussion with the presenters.

    Sponsor benefits:

    • 60-minute time slot (5-minute introduction, 45-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A)
    • Hosting services, including practice rehearsal
    • Live organizer during the webinar

    VRMA Special Report Exclusive E-newsletter


    Establish your organization as a thought leaders by sponsoring a VRMA Special Report. As a sponsor, you'll have an opportunity to collaborate with VRMA's editorial staff to produce a custom e-newsletter that focus on your expertise and product category. VRMA special reports are a great way to increase exposure and drive results for your campaigns!

    Sponsor receives:

    • "Brought to you by COMPANY NAME" recognition; text or logo included under the title or in the header (guaranteed above the fold)
    • One (1) 160 x 600 skyscraper banner in the right hand rail
    • One (1) 468 x 60 banner below the fold
    • One (1) or two (2) feature pieces that tie into the agreed upon theme and are informational in nature