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    2023 Staffing Outlook for Operations Teams

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 16

    Summer 2023: U.S. Vacation Rental Market Winners and Losers

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 16

    Balancing Innovation with Humanity

    By: Jason Voelpel | Oct 12

    How Smart Property Technology Can Positively Impact Revenue for Property Managers

    By: VRMA Administrator | Sep 18

    Protecting Your Property and Community from Excessive Noise with Call Assist and Guard Assist

    By: VRMA Administrator | Sep 1

    12 Easy Ways to Secure More Direct Voice Reservations

    By: VRMA Administrator | Aug 7

    Train Your Hospitality Staff to Elicit Kama Muta

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jul 10

    How to Talk to Property Owners About New Technology

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jul 3

    Combatting Oversupply: A Search-Based Strategy Could Save Your Busy Summer Season

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jul 3

    How ChatGPT Is Transforming the Vacation Rental Industry

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jun 19

    Tech Trends Transforming Short-Term Rentals in 2023

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Jun 19

    Creating Operational Excellence

    By: Michelle Williams | Jun 6

    The Importance of Cigarette Detection Sensors in Vacation Rentals

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jun 1

    Driving the Industry Forward

    By: Jason Voelpel | Mar 27

    Your People Are Your Superpower for Increasing Direct Bookings and Guest Loyalty

    By: VRMA Administrator | Mar 20

    Putting Your Standard Property Appearance into Daily Practice

    By: Michelle Williams | Feb 27

    Direct Booking: A Priority in 2023?

    By: VRMA Administrator | Feb 20

    Looking Forward to the Future

    By: Jason Voelpel | Jan 17

    Why Vacation Rentals Are a Sustainable Travel Choice

    By: VRMA Administrator | Dec 5

    What’s Smart About Vacation Rental Properties?

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 24

    Josh Sundquist on Persistence

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 10

    Holly Stiel on Creating a Culture of Service

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 3

    The Best Airbnb Data and Analytics to Optimize Your Listing

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 2

    Are Smart Locks Worth It? 5 Common Smart Lock Myths: Busted

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 2

    What ‘Professional’ Means for Cleaning

    By: Michelle Williams | Sep 12

    An Industry Overhaul: Keeping Up With the Rise of Guest Demands

    By: VRMA Administrator | Aug 16

    Keeping Pace with Industry Growth Post-Pandemic

    By: Miller Hawkins | Jul 15

    Why Vacation Rental Properties Need an Internet Reboot

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jul 5

    Fulfilling Demand Smartly

    By: Vincent Breslin | Jun 13

    3 Ways to Add Sustainability and Value to Your Vacation Rental Business

    By: Jim Netska | Jun 7

    Airbnb Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

    By: RemoteLock Marketing, RemoteLock | May 31

    The New Minimum Standard for Vacation Rentals

    By: Jeff Iloulian | May 23

    Summer Focus: Building a Better Guest Experience

    By: VRMA Administrator | May 3

    The Distribution Train Is Leaving the Station—Are You on It?

    By: VRMA Administrator | Apr 25

    What’s Good Around Here?

    By: Matthew V. Loney | Apr 11

    Top 15 US Cities to Invest in a Short-Term Rental in 2022

    By: VRMA Administrator | Mar 28

    How to Train Your Reservations Team to Sell Travel Insurance

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Mar 22

    4 Ways to Secure More Direct Voice Bookings

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Mar 15

    The Playbook for Growing Your Business in 2022

    By: Andrew Bate | Mar 1

    Do Vacation Rental Companies Really Need ‘Enterprise’ Software?

    By: VRMA Administrator | Mar 1

    Why Property Management Firms Should Leverage Mobile Marketing

    By: VRMA Administrator | Feb 22

    What Lies Ahead in 2022 for the Vacation Rental Industry?

    By: Jeremy Gall | Feb 15

    Futurizing: Metaverse, Remote Working, and How We Meet the Demand for Places to Stay

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Feb 7

    Communication: A Key Factor in Guest Satisfaction

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jan 18

    New Year, New You: Better Revenue Performance in 2022

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jan 14

    Back to Basics: Revisiting Your Property Standards

    By: Michelle Williams | Jan 11

    Maximizing Sales Via Textual Communications

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jan 4

    The Business of Business Travel & the Short-Term Rental Sector

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Nov 29

    Keeping Up With Your Local Government

    By: Greg Holcomb, MPA | Nov 9

    Expedia Group Research Shows Changing Guest Priorities

    By: VRMA Administrator | Nov 1

    New Research Reveals Price No Longer Primary Driver of Travel Decisions

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 26

    Toward a Better Booking Window

    By: VRMA Administrator | Sep 21

    3 Tips for Marketing to the New-Age Digital Nomad

    By: Vered Raviv Schwarz | Sep 1

    Five Disruptive Technologies Changing Vacation Rentals

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Aug 26

    The Big Three: Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR

    By: VRMA Administrator | Aug 16

    Focusing Forward

    By: Toby Babich | Aug 11

    Understanding the Difference Between 'Hospitality' and 'Guest Service'

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jul 28

    The Fight Against Short-Term Rentals and Affordable Housing

    By: Greg Holcomb, MPA | Jul 21

    Why Brand Partnerships Matter in the Vacation Rental Industry

    By: Marcus Rader | Jul 15

    Unlocking the 3 Keys to Summer Success

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jun 23

    Building a Portfolio in a Vacation Hot Spot: The Story of Mexico's Florence Sayulita

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jun 14

    The Acceleration of Contactless Tech Adoption in Vacation Rentals

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Jun 3

    The Spirit of Hospitality Flows like Currency: Your Heart Is The Power Bank

    By: Douglas Kennedy | May 20

    Advocacy Spotlight: Lincoln County, Oregon

    By: Matthew Curtis | Apr 26

    Advocacy Spotlight: Central Florida Counties

    By: Matthew Curtis | Mar 29

    Advocacy Spotlight: Glynn County, Georgia

    By: Matthew Curtis | Mar 23

    Homeowner Acquisition and Retention: Using A 'Tech for Touch' Approach

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Mar 17

    Missionize Your Mission Statement

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Mar 3

    How Property Managers Can Adapt to the 2021 Vacation Season

    By: Sean Miller | Feb 22

    The Safest Way to Change a Light Bulb

    By: VRMA Administrator | Feb 10

    Less Work, More Bookings

    By: VRMA Administrator | Feb 3

    2021: The Year of Operations

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Jan 27

    Exemplify The Spirit of Hospitality in The Hiring and Onboarding Process

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jan 20

    Increasing Owner Acquisition with Trust and Security

    By: Andrew Bate | Jan 5

    How to Optimize Your Short-Term Rental for COVID-19 'Workcations'

    By: Sean Miller | Jan 5

    The Spirit of Hospitality is Nurtured by Gratitude

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Dec 22

    Tell Your Story

    By: VRMA Administrator | Dec 2

    Consumer Travel Booking Patterns to Guide You This Holiday Season

    By: Vered Raviv Schwarz | Nov 16

    The 3 Hidden Costs of Longer Guest Stays in Vacation Rentals

    By: VRMA Administrator | Nov 2

    The Importance of PR

    By: Jessica Gillingham | Oct 27

    Marketing a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion Increases Applicant Pools

    By: Sue Jones, MBA, SHRM-SCP | Oct 20

    The Importance of Authentic Reviews for Vacation Rentals

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 14

    The Keys to Success

    By: Megan Cohen | Oct 7

    Member Spotlight: The Value of VRMA

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 6

    Making the Most of Road Trips and New Revenue

    By: VRMA Administrator | Oct 2

    VRMA State Coalition Effort: Driving Success

    By: Matthew Curtis | Sep 30

    Get Your VR Reservations Team On A QUEST for More Bookings

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Sep 29

    Keyless Access Makes Life Better for Vacation Rental Managers and Owners

    By: VRMA Administrator | Sep 17

    Member Spotlight: Progress Over Perfection

    By: VRMA Administrator | Sep 8

    VRMA Member Spotlight: Never Stop Learning

    By: VRMA Administrator | Aug 25

    A Welcome from VRMA’s New Executive Director

    By: Megan Cohen | Aug 11

    Member Spotlight: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Success

    By: VRMA Administrator | Aug 4

    The Importance of Maintaining Relative Humidity in Your Vacation Rentals

    By: Steve Davis | Jul 28

    Train Your Staff to Show Hospitality When Enforcing Mask Requirements

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jul 21

    How to Use Video Email For Personalized, Narrated, Virtual Property Tours

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jul 8

    Obsess On Hospitality This Summer and Turn First-Timers into Loyal Repeat Guests

    By: Douglas Kennedy | Jun 24

    9 Tips to Improve Your Forecasting

    By: VRMA Administrator | Jun 18

    COVID-19 Prompts a Review of Storm Preparation and Disaster Recovery Plans

    By: Sue Jones, MBA, SHRM-SCP | Jun 8

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