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    Advocating for the Future of Vacation Rentals with David Krauss

    In this episode, David Krauss, the co-founder and CEO of Rent Responsibly, discusses the role of his organization in the vacation rental industry. Rent Responsibly is a community building and education platform focused on advocacy support and community building within the short-term vacation rental industry.


    Krauss talks about his journey into advocacy, starting as a host and later becoming involved in the industry after facing party-related issues in his rentals. He emphasizes the importance of organized local communities and the need for strong leadership in addressing industry challenges.

    The conversation touches on various aspects of advocacy, including the evolving narratives surrounding short-term rentals, the key elements of effective advocacy (leadership, communication, community engagement, data), and recent examples of successful advocacy efforts in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Arizona.

    Krauss also highlights the importance of education and shares an analogy comparing the challenges faced by the vacation rental industry to the early days of the automobile industry, suggesting that with organized efforts, the industry can mature and be celebrated for its positive contributions to communities.

    He encourages property managers to get involved in advocacy efforts, emphasizing that their personal stories and contributions can make a significant impact. Krauss concludes by mentioning the VRMA Advocacy Fund and the importance of supporting industry advocacy initiatives.

    Listeners are encouraged to visit the Rent Responsibly website for more information and to consider contributing to the VRMA Advocacy Fund.

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