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    AI Insights: Generative AI to Manage Short-Term Rentals

    In this interview, David Jacoby, president of Hostfully, gives his insights on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the short-term rental sector and the travel industry as a whole. "We feel that AI has a role in this side of hospitality," he said. "However, until the technology matures a bit more (or we learn to harness it better), it’s best to limit it to areas where it can only improve the guest experience, rather than risk a bad review." For example, Hostfully released a recent tool that allows guests to get a custom itinerary generated within a guidebook. "The guest puts in parameters such as group size, the dates they are in the area, and any restrictions they may have, and the guidebook provides a custom itinerary," Jacoby explains.

    PhocusWire (07/14/23)

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