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    AI Insights: Generative AI to Vet Rental Homes

    Plum Guide CEO Doron Meyassed details the effect of generative artificial (AI) on rental homes and the travel industry, noting his company has been transitioning to mostly AI-led vetting. "Continuously improving and evolving the [home-vetting] model has led to an impressive 91% match rate between what our creative director deems Plum quality and what the creative AI does," he says. Plum Guide's generative AI efforts currently focus on the areas of home curation, review synthesis, and listing production. "These innovations have produced five times the number of homes added per person, slashed the cost of adding a home by 85%, all while maintaining our conversion rates and net promoter score," Meyassed says. He lists inaccuracies as the company's biggest challenge related to generative AI: "For instance, the model sometimes generates confident responses unsupported by the provided data. Improving the prompts iteratively to achieve better quality output has also been a challenge. But with new tools emerging, we're excited about what the future holds." Meyassed envisions generative AI impacting "everything from personalized trip planning to AI-powered customer service," with text-based searching particularly exciting.

    PhocusWire (08/14/23)

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