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    Bella Vista City Council Reacts to Lawsuit Involving Short-Term Rental Regulations

    In December 2022, the Bella Vista, Ark., City Council passed an ordinance that places regulations on short-term rental. Shortly after, a group of homeowners filed a lawsuit and restraining order against the ordinance. “When the city tries to regulate that or require permission from the city, that's a violation of not just the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution but also the 14th Amendment," said group attorney Greg Payne. On July 12, the Council passed a new ordinance with an emergency clause. The ordinance includes several regulations, including occupancy limits. Payne says the group will continue to fight against the ordinances. Council member Wendy Hughes said, "I think that we need reasonable regulations on short-term rentals.”

    KHBS/KHOG 40/29 (Ark.) (07/12/23) Jacob Murphy

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