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    City Council Votes Against Short-Term Rental Regulations

    The City Council of Albuquerque, New Mexico, opposed two short-term rental regulations on Aug. 21, one of which would have imposed a cap on the number of rentals in the city to 1,800, required a local manager to be on hand to respond to complaints and maintenance requests, and kept the number of per-person rentals to three. The other regulation was a floor substitute that amended and eliminated much of the original legislation, replacing the cap, local manager, and individual limits with a minimum distance of 330 feet between rental units while also stripping criminal penalties for violations of existing short-term rental regulations. Bill co-sponsor Tammy Fiebelkorn said while she favored the original legislation, the floor substitute was a "compromise" between neighborhood and industry stakeholders, and strove to preserve housing stock. Six councilors voted against the regulations while three supported them.

    Albuquerque Journal (08/21/23) Alaina Mencinger

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