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    Deep Thoughts on Deep Cleans

    It’s a common misconception that after every clean, homes are left nothing short of perfect. Until a place has been thoroughly deep cleaned though, there will always be something more that could have been done.

    It can be easy for certain housekeepers and managers to overlook the seemingly “small stuff.” We don’t always have the time to do tedious, time-consuming detailing when we’re in the height of rental season. But that doesn’t mean we should sweep the dream of a perfect clean under the rug.

    Make time for your teams to do deep cleans. It enables us to give special attention to every single inch of our properties from top to bottom. When we have the time to really make our places shine, we set ourselves up for success throughout the rest of the season. It becomes a fresh start that’s easy to maintain.

    Properties should be cleaned to the highest standard possible during every clean, but a true deep clean requires appropriate time and planning. Consider getting other team members to lend a hand. Bring out the high ladders, the high dusters, the carpet cleaners and the scrub brushes. Help your cleaners safely move furniture and large kitchen appliances they may have trouble moving on their own.

    Deep cleans should be executed as often as can be afforded; twice a year is ideal, but no less than annually! Take the time at the tail end of your busy seasons when your housekeepers are looking for more work. If your market is more steady than seasonal, create a recurring deep clean schedule. Just remember to spread them out so they don’t become a burden.

    As a housekeeper, deep cleans are my favorite and I feel grateful whenever I do them. Every completed ticket is a new beginning as the home becomes renewed and returns to an immaculate state. I love knowing that when I’m through, the next guest to arrive will, without a doubt, have the most pristine home possible.

    Deep cleaning is a privilege. Here at Vacasa, we see it as another opportunity to make ourselves look absolutely great as housekeepers, as managers, and as a company. Our homeowners and guests can see that we make time to take special care of our properties, and that makes them feel special and taken care of, too.

    The true feeling of clean is unmistakable and a meticulously executed deep clean gives everyone peace of mind for months to come. With spring-cleaning season on the horizon, consider giving your teams some extra time to shine.


    Ellie Madsen is a Senior Housekeeper at Vacasa

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