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    Keyless Access Makes Life Better for Vacation Rental Managers and Owners

    Is It Time to Upgrade to Keyless Access?

    Upgrading your vacation rental locks brings operational benefits, cost savings, and important guest-friendly convenience to any vacation rental property.  Remote, web-based access management provides timely control and audit trail visibility that manual key locks simply cannot achieve. 

    Key Benefits of Keyless Access

    Keeps your property secure.

    You can have peace of mind that there are no duplicate, lost or unmanaged keys to your properties because access is managed through time-sensitive codes rather than physical keys. Minimize theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry of your property.

    Tracks who entered your property and when.

    Systems can provide individual codes, so there’s always clear accountability — especially when damage or other unfortunate events occur.

    Makes your property more attractive to travelers.

    Guests love remote check-in, as they can arrive any time of day or night and go straight to the property without worrying about crowded check-in desks. This improves the marketability of your vacation rental and keeps your guests safe. Win-win!

    Choosing the Right Keyless Products

    Oracode from dormakaba is the leading vacation rental access solution.  This innovative pushbutton electronic lock allows property owners and management companies to manage vacation rental properties from anywhere.

    Puts your property in good hands

    With tens of thousands of Oracode locks in use today, you can have confidence that your vacation rental property is backed by an industry leader. Watch this video to learn more about dormakaba, a trusted global leader in access control.

    Gives you the reliability you need.

    Even if your property has lost internet connection or electricity, you can still gain access and continue to issue new codes, thanks to Oracode’s algorithm technology.

    Saves you money.

    Oracode electronic pushbutton locks eliminate the cost of key management, lost keys, and re-keying.  Learn more about how you can save with our ROI calculator.

    Construction that outlasts residential locks.

    dormakaba’s Oracode locks meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for dust, rain, humidity, and salt spray corrosion tests. This means that they stand up to harsh environmental conditions, which preserves the lock’s aesthetics and performance.

    Optional integration with home automation systems is available.

    When using Oracode Smart Controllers, the system can communicate with your BeHome247 home automation system providing greater energy efficiency and control.

    Hear from one of our Customer Success Stories.

    Oracode uses time-sensitive codes to manage access to your rental property.  Property managers can create and send codes directly to guests, staff, and vendors’ smartphones using the Oracode site. 

    Now is the time to upgrade to Oracode keyless access and start enjoying all the available benefits. As the leading provider of vacation rental access solutions dormakaba’s Oracode is the right choice to make life better for vacation rental property managers and owners.

    Smart access begins at dormakaba.  The quest to develop innovative yet practical design is what differentiates us.  Our integrated end-to-end access solutions are designed for many specialized applications with a single goal in mind – make access in life smart and secure.

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