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    Mastering Work-Life Balance with Andy Newman

    In this episode of the podcast, VRMA Arrival editor Alexa Schlosser talks to Andy Newman, founder and CEO of Newman Hospitality.


    The discussion touched on the following topics:

    • Andy's background: He transitioned from a career in banking and coaching to the short-term rental industry due to his passion for travel and cultural exchanges.
    • The birth of Newman Hospitality: Andy became an early Airbnb operator and discovered the importance of the short-term rental industry. He attended VRMA conferences, leading to the establishment of Newman Hospitality, which prioritizes hospitality and focuses on employee well-being.
    • Work-life balance: Andy emphasizes the significance of work-life balance and how it positively impacts employee productivity and retention. He shares his personal journey towards achieving a healthy work-life balance.
    • Growth strategy: Newman Hospitality experienced triple-digit growth by focusing on diverse geographical locations, real estate partnerships, and long-term client growth.
    • Advice for property managers: Andy suggests focusing on medium and long-term growth, "weeding the garden" by being selective with clients, and investing in the right people and technology.
    • Trends in the industry: Andy believes the short-term rental industry is in its early growth stages, with opportunities for those who prioritize hospitality and professionalism. He sees a post-COVID normalization and longer reservations as trends in the market.
    • Optimism for the industry: Andy expresses a positive outlook for the short-term rental industry, citing happy guests and continued growth opportunities as reasons for optimism.
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