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    Regulation Delays Frustrate Clark County Short-Term Rental Owners

    Attempts to regulate short-term rentals in unincorporated Clark County, Nev., have faced several obstacles, including a judge ruling parts of the county’s proposed ordinance unconstitutional and applicants not having enough time to gather the required paperwork, prompting the county to extend the deadline. Now, a lawsuit is pending with the Nevada Supreme Court, brought by short-term rental owners who say the county created an overly convoluted process that is hurting their livelihoods. “In their process of writing these new regulations, they just threw anything and everything they could think to make it as difficult and as hard for people to get a license and to operate even after you have a license,” said Jacqueline Flores, a short-term unit owner and co-founder of the nonprofit Greater Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Association. “We really didn't have a seat at the table.”

    Nevada Independent (08/06/23) Jannelle Calderon

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