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    This article was produced by George Meshkov from CSA Travel Protection-Generali Global Assistance for the VRMA Arrival Audience.

    While pretty much never your guests’ top of top-of-mind concern, choosing whether or not to purchase vacation rental insurance can be an important decision while planning a trip. You can help make your guests’ decision a little easier by offering coverage that’s specifically designed for the type of trip that your guests are taking. This year, CSA Travel Protection-Generali Global Assistance is excited to introduce new Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance that’s customized for vacation rental properties in coastal and other waterfront locations. This new protection plan joins our Ski & Mountain Travel Insurance as part of a new suite of regional, all-season products. For over 25 years, offering quality travel insurance plans alongside Vacation Rental Damage Protection has helped our partners increase guest satisfaction while also creating additional revenue streams that can help your vacation rental company grow its business.

    Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance

    If you manage coastal properties, you’re likely familiar with the unique risks that beach-goers and other waterfront vacationers face. Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance can help make your guests “whole again” if their trip is impacted by a covered event and they end up having to lose some of their prepaid vacation or take on unplanned expenses. Compared to our previous travel insurance offerings, this plan expands coverage for adverse weather and natural disasters to provide more protection.

    Plans also include additional coverages like Trip Inconvenience coverage for closed beaches, golf courses and amusements parks. For instance, if the beaches are closed because of contaminated waters—the most common reason for closed beaches in the U.S.—the plan can provide payment, as long as certain requirements are met. Along with sporting equipment coverages and extended features for guests driving to their rentals, this plan provides a unique solution for guests going to the lake, beach or other coastal areas.

    Ski & Mountain Travel Insurance

    If your rentals are in a cold or mountainous region, you might be gearing up for an upcoming ski season. Ski & Mountain Travel Insurance could be the right compliment to your guests’ winter ski package—it includes Trip Inconvenience coverage for no snow. So if the ski resort closes its primary attractions from lack of snow or severe weather, this travel insurance plan can provide payment to your guests. The plan can also help with covered events like road closures because of adverse weather and includes valuable Sporting Equipment coverages for skis, snowboards, and other winter gear.

    Vacation Rental Damage Protection

    No matter what region your rentals are in, offering Vacation Rental Damage Protection to your guests is a great way to earn additional revenue and help protect your rental properties from accidental damages. Plans are typically offered as a convenient alternative to security deposits, allowing guests to pay a one-time fee rather than putting a hold on their credit card. In addition to making your listings more attractive to potential guests, implementing a Vacation Rental Damage Protection program can help relieve you of administrative overhead associated with traditional deposits.

    CSA Travel Protection-Generali Global Assistance is committed to helping our partners and our mutual customers. All aspects of our insurance programs are managed in-house, which means we don’t outsource the administration and servicing of our plans to companies that don’t specialize in travel insurance. Your dedicated CSA-Generali account manager is happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you to review and optimize your travel insurance programs. If you aren’t currently a CSA-Generali partner, we invite you to learn more about how we can help you and your guests. Visit www.csatp.com/vrma, or contact us at 800-989-8684 or clientservices@csatravelprotection.com to learn more.

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