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    Short-Term Rental Hosts Push for Long-Term Changes in Denver

    Short-term rental (STR) hosts are lobbying for changes to Denver, Colo.'s policies, with a key focus being the city's definition of a "primary residence." City rules stipulate that hosts can only operate STRs out of their "primary residence" or an accessory dwelling unit to supposedly prevent investors from buying properties to use as STRs, thus removing units from the market that might otherwise function as long-term rentals. Host Steve Ramsey complains that opaque rules of what a primary residence is have encouraged unfair denials for many STR license applications. Ramsey is pushing for change through Mayor Mike Johnston's Excise & Licenses (EXL) transition committee while also appealing to the Denver City Council, arguing that "EXL should only deny an STR license when it can be proven that the individual has multiple residences or that they have no intent of ever living at the property." However, EXL spokesperson Eric Escudero counters that Denver could be adversely impacted by such a change. He argues that "we have ... found that hosts renting out their primary residence are more attentive to the property and protecting their neighbors from issues we have seen in the past such as loud parties, trash, parking problems and even, in the worst-case scenarios, shootings."

    Westword (08/14/23) Benjamin Neufeld

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