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    Summer Focus: Building a Better Guest Experience

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    The summer of 2022 offers golden opportunities for ambitious vacation rental operators. According to the US Travel Association, nearly nine in 10 Americans (85 percent) are expecting to travel this summer. Close to half (48 percent) plan to take off two weeks or more. How do you ensure your business grabs its slice of this pie—and maybe second helpings, too? The pros will tell you that concentrating on the guest experience is a proven way to attract guests and keep them coming back.

    Luckily, there’s one easy upgrade you can make to your property that’s both a desirable amenity for guests and an operationally efficient wonder for owners: a modern access control solution. Here’s more on how ditching physical keys for smart locks and cloud-based access control software can help your business grow and make guests feel like they’re getting the royal treatment.


    When recurring, mundane tasks happen efficiently and automatically, you save time and money, and guests feel their needs are prioritized. For example, RemoteLock’s universal access control software smoothly integrates with Airbnb and other booking platforms. New, self-expiring access codes for the smart locks on your properties are automatically generated once bookings are approved. Guests get an automatic confirmation that their vacations are one step closer. Property managers save considerable time with this smooth automation. Plus, they don’t have to worry about key handoffs or guests getting locked out.

    Guest Access on Their Time

    No matter what time your guests arrive, they check in with ease using their own PIN codes on your smart locks. Not only is this convenient, but your guests love turning on vacation mode immediately without any time wasted at a front desk or rooting around a lockbox. For property managers and owners, most software solutions can be easily configured to send notifications when guests arrive, keeping you in the know with a glance at a centralized dashboard on your smartphone or laptop from wherever you are.  

    Reliable Cleaning Schedules

    Housekeeping has always been important in the vacation rental business. Now, it’s more important than ever as your guests expect a new level of clean (read: sanitized). In fact, Airbnb even has a separate section to rate cleanliness. So, lock down the critical housekeeping part of your business with access control software. You create customized access schedules for cleaners with unique, time-bound PINs. You can easily monitor cleaners’ access, so you know work is completed on time and well before the next guest checks in.

    Invisible Maintenance

    When something’s not working, you can bet today’s guests will let you know immediately. The good news? With smart locks and access control software, you can immediately take care of problems with the plumbing or appliances. Just like your cleaners, maintenance professionals get unique, time-bound PINs to take care of issues fast. Better yet, check in with your guests to see when they’ll be out and have the technician do their work without disturbing the guest’s stay.   

    Increased Safety

    Smart access gives your guests peace of mind. To ensure security, each guest has a unique PIN code, and nobody has to worry about losing or forgetting keys. On the operational side, you know that each PIN expires at checkout. There are no worries about running to a lockbox to manually change codes or, worse, not changing them at all and keeping your fingers crossed that previous guests don’t decide to “revisit.”

    More Personal Attention

    Without the time-suck of managing keys and lockboxes, vacation rental owners are finally finding time to lavish guests with personal attention and be responsive to their needs. How about partnering with a bike rental company or touring company to give guests a truly local experience? Set up a space for remote work or for the kids to play, depending on the guest’s needs. Offer grocery delivery for a small fee for guests who book longer stays. Or, get that referral program up and running. There are plenty of ways to make stays more memorable, earn a little extra, and hopefully encourage more five-star reviews.

    The Right Access Solution

    Memorable stays and great reviews begin right at your vacation rental property’s front door. Modern access control software paired with smart locks ensures guest stays get off on the right foot, and continue to be smooth and convenient until checkout. Better yet, the right access solution is a boon to property owners and managers, as it saves time and money, and frees you up to focus on building the best possible guest experience. Are you ready to upgrade your access control? Chat with one of our friendly experts today who can set you up with your choice of popular smart locks and transformative RemoteLock software.

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