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    Travel Data Leaders Join Forces as AirDNA Acquires Arrivalist

    AirDNA has acquired Arrivalist, joining two of the travel industry’s leading sources of data and analysis regarding consumer behavior and market trends. Arrivalist will now become a product within AirDNA’s suite of solutions, and the 25-person Arrivalist team will join AirDNA. AirDNA CEO Demi Horvat said that from a product perspective, the combination of data sets – and data scientists – will provide valuable intelligence for clients, which is more critical than ever as historical data is less applicable. “With COVID and all the changes that brought for this industry, I think it shined a light on just how important it is to understand the new patterns that have arisen and that are so different from the way things used to be,” she said. “The blending of leisure and business travel, people rediscovering the outdoors and going to national parks more … the differences in international versus domestic tourism — all of those things are changes in patterns of movement that the Arrivalist data set can shine a light on.”

    PhocusWire (07/17/23) Mitra Sorrells

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