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    Weathering the Storm: Beyond the Pandemic

    *This article is sponsored content from George Meshkov at Generali Global Assistance*

    This spring is like no other. Enduring scary situations like the coronavirus pandemic can feel like a test of our vitality, viability and even our sanity. As the travel industry as a whole confronts financial setbacks on top of massive influxes of service requests, it can be helpful to look back, as well as forward, to remind ourselves of our own capabilities and keep everything in perspective. While the head of the American Hotel & Lodging Association has said the industry impact is “more severe than anything we’ve seen before, including Sept. 11 and the Great Recession of 2008 combined,” lodging analysts have also said that “leisure travel snaps back quickly after a downturn…pent up demand can lead to a sudden spike…” and “once the virus is under control and business normalizes, travel could rebound fast.” Having overcome Ebola, MERS, Swine Flu, and SARS pandemics, U.S. travel and tourism is no stranger to industry-altering diseases. The need to travel is a basic human one and the health benefits have been scientifically proven. Looking to relieve stress, get moving, find inspiration and even reduce life-threatening health risks, U.S. residents will undoubtedly travel again when they are able to.  

    Who knows how to get through tough times better than the vacation rental industry? Dealing with tropical storms, hurricanes, water contaminants and on-going regulatory battles on a regular basis, the short-term vacation rental market is unique, creative and resilient. Here at Generali Global Assistance, we believe in the industry’s strength, flexibility and willingness to come together and support each other to get through challenges. More than anything, we’re here to support you. 

    Safety First—We’re Here for Your Guests 

    Our travel insurance plans always include 24/7 emergency assistance for your guests during travel. Guests who are re-booking their spring and summer vacations for later in the year, or who are waiting to make plans, can book with a little more security knowing if they start to develop symptoms or otherwise get sick on their trip, our assistance team is available every day, at any time, to make sure your guests know what to do. And to make sure they reach the appropriate care facility to get treatment as quickly as possible. 

    Most of our plans also provide guests with valuable medical coverage and Teladoc services. Guests can receive coverage for out-of-network care if they get sick on their trip, including co-pays and deductibles not covered by their primary provider. Teladoc services allow guests traveling within the domestic U.S. to consult with licensed physicians via phone or video if they aren’t feeling well. 

    Are you offering a Generali plan with Medical coverage and Teladoc services? If not, reach out to us to start. 

    Revenue Opportunities—We’re Here for You 

    Travel insurance and vacation rental damage plans also earn you extra income. Each plan sale generates commission for your business—creating an additional revenue stream that can help you grow your portfolio during good times, and help you recover and rebuild after difficult times.  

    In moments of crisis, it can be tough to see beyond the current challenges. While pandemics are unexpected difficulties, the summer hurricane season comes and goes every year, with varying degrees of severity. Reservations postponed until late summer may be especially vulnerable. Generali travel insurance provides coverage for mandatory hurricane evacuations. Even if you don’t rent coastal properties, you can benefit from helping guests who are traveling from vulnerable regions protect their plans.  

    If you do rent coastal vacation homes, consider switching to Seaside Coastal Travel Insurance for region-specific features and expanded coverages for hurricanes and natural disasters. 

    Stay strong out there.  

    Your dedicated partner, 

    Generali Global Assistance 

     Generali Global Assistance is committed to helping our vacation rental partners and our mutual customers. All aspects of our insurance programs are managed in-house, which means we don’t outsource the administration and servicing of our plans to companies that don’t specialize in travel insurance. Your dedicated account manager is happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have. If you aren’t currently a Generali partner, visit us online or contact us at 800-989-8684 to learn more. 

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