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    A New Reality for Travel and Hospitality: STRz 2023 Predictions

    Short Term Rentalz envisions six predictions for the travel and hospitality industry coming to pass in 2023. "Best in class" technology investment will be driven not for the sake of simply having technology, but by what makes the most sense for property managers' needs and portfolios. Stricter short-term rental regulations will escalate, especially in Europe, which experts believe will lead to more tech adoption by a compliance-focused industry. More diverse, user-specific, and flexible rental space should also emerge, while the debate over sustainability will focus on deterring greenwashing. Another anticipated trend for 2023 is destinations' continued incentivization of digital nomads to encourage flexible living and working, which will drive higher investment and momentum. Finally, supply and demand will maintain their stability, while flexible bookings will remain the most attractive quality for travelers.

    Short Term Rentalz (12/15/22) Paul Stevens

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