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    Airbnb Lawsuit Against NYC: A Solitary Effort That Got Results, for Now

    None of Airbnb’s short-term rental (STR) peers joined in its lawsuit against New York City's STR ordinances. Asked at Skift Short-Term Rental Summit in New York City a week ago why no other companies joined the litigation, Rob Greyber, the CEO Vacasa, said: “In the industry, there can be a litigation as a first resort type of mindset.” Greyber’s seeming views about Airbnb are not untypical among Airbnb’ competitors. Airbnb and Expedia, for example, were at odds over tactics in the run-up to San Diego imposing a cap on vacation rentals in 2021. Greyber added that VRMA has been very active in talking to state legislators or municipalities in a variety of locations to discuss what “good legislation” might look like. “If it ultimately results in needing to go to the courts, I think that probably means that some of those industry and other advocacy efforts have not been as successful as they need to be,” Greyber said.

    Skift (06/15/23) Dennis Schaal

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