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    Airbnb Turns to AI to Help Prevent House Parties

    Airbnb introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software system to help prevent unwanted house parties. Now operating worldwide, when users try to make an Airbnb booking the AI automatically looks out for things such as how recently the user account was created and whether users are trying to rent a property in the same town or city as where they live. "If someone is booking a room during New Year's Eve for one night only, and they are from the same city as the host, that's likely to be a party," says Naba Banerjee, head of safety and trust at Airbnb. Banerjee adds that if the AI deems that the risk of a party booking is too high, it will prevent the booking, or instead guide the person to the website of one of its partner hotel companies.

    BBC News (10/27/23) David Silverberg

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