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    Announcing Our Arrival

    Welcome to the next evolution of Arrival. Today marks a very important milestone in VRMA’s mission to advance the vacation rental management profession. With the launch of our new online content experience, the name Arrival has officially evolved from one that simply appears on the masthead of a print publication into one that represents VRMA’s official content brand.

    That’s right: Arrival is now more than just a magazine—it is now the name that embodies the information you need as a vacation rental manager to grow your business and better serve guests and homeowners most effectively.

    You may be thinking,“What exactly is ‘online content’?” Consider it to be a dynamic intelligence hub of information. An online source designed to deliver timely and relevant news, trends, events and activities that is published on a consistent basis. Don’t worry—you will still receive a print publication—in fact, the Arrival magazine will be hitting your desk more frequently, beginning with a special fifth issue in 2017 before going to six times annually starting in 2018.

    So why the change? Simply put: Content-consumption habits are rapidly transforming, and the way we consume content today is vastly different than even a year ago. Print still plays a valuable role. But it needs to be part of a multi-faceted communications strategy to be most effective. That strategy includes content that comes in all formats—print, video, graphics, audio—and is delivered in the manner you wish to consume it—online, on-the-go and optimized for social.

    The bottom line is that information needs to be accessible at all times; packaged and delivered to fit your daily lifestyle. And for VRMA, it is our responsibility to be at your doorstep at all times with information you need to succeed, packaged in a manner that is easily consumable.

    As for the type of content you can expect with Arrival, it starts with our magazine content. As you peruse the site you will find a library of all features, editorials, columns and graphics from past issues. And as each new issue of the magazine hits your desk, that content also will become accessible here.

    But it’s more than just magazine content. It’s our blog, too. Updated on a regular basis, our editors ensure that the VRMA blog is populated with unique pieces of thought leadership from industry experts in every pocket of the industry and every corner of the globe.

    On top of that, you can expect to find unique content. Q&As, member profiles, quick-tip articles and graphically-driven features that can only be found here.

    And, last but not least, we have designed Arrival to be your content source. Think of it as your destination for publishing major announcements. Whether it’s news on acquisitions, funding, industry reports, advocacy stories and more, send it our way and we will be sure it gets shared with the community.

    As for that community, it is one that we envision to be highly engaged. We designed Arrival in a manner that makes it easy to share and socialize the content, encouraging an open dialogue amongst all readers.

    So take a moment and look around. We think that you will be pleased with what you see. Our hope is that with your help, what we build with Arrival is a stronger, larger, more informed and highly engaged vacation rental management community.

    Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to embarking upon our next evolution together.

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