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    Aspen City Council Passes Limits on Short-Term Rentals

    In Colorado, the Aspen City Council has passed an ordinance limiting short-term rentals in response to what has been deemed emergency conditions in the community in terms of quality of life, environmental degradation, and a shortage of affordable housing. The ordinance caps the number of short-term rental permits to three-quarters of the existing amount. The duration in which properties can be rented out varies according to the type and use Aspen has determined them to be, in addition to what designated zone they are located in. The council revised the ordinance from first reading to allow owner-occupied rentals to rent up to 120 days a year rather than the first-considered 90 days. Short-term rental permit holders will also be mandated to provide educational content to inform visitors about the city's community values, plus wildlife and public nuisance laws.

     Aspen Times (06/29/22) Carolyn Sackariason

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