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    Bill Before State Lawmakers Proposes Regulating Short-Term Rentals

    VRMA staff is monitoring this legislation. 

    A bill before state lawmakers in New York aims to boost the regulation of short-term rentals. “Municipalities need better tools to understand how this economic driver can help, without displacing local residents and compounding an already growing problem all in the name of profit,” the proposal reads. “Additionally, many of these same municipalities have been forced to spend significant resources to manage their short-term rental issues, often leaving neighboring towns with differing regulations. This causes confusion among homeowners, visitors and law enforcement and forces municipalities to spend resources they often don’t have in order to protect their residents.” Under the proposed legislation, currently before the Senate Housing, Construction and Community Development Committee, short-term rental property owners would be required to register their property and meet certain safety requirements, like posting emergency numbers and insuring the property. Property owners would also need to retain two years’ worth of guest information, and the property itself would be subject to tax under the state taxing laws.

    The Daily Gazette (NY) (05/01/23) Shenandoah Briere

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