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    California Proposes New Tax to Help Newsom Fulfill Central Campaign Promise

    The California legislature is expected to hear a bill about implementing an occupancy tax on short-term rentals to provide assistance to low- and middle-income housing construction. The bill would put a tax of 15 percent on the price of short-term rentals to help fund new construction projects. Lawmakers say the lack of affordable housing is partly because people are renting out their homes, driving down the supply of available homes. The legislation’s language defines short-term rentals as intending to occupy a “home, house, a room in a home or house, or other lodging that is not a hotel, inn, motel, or bed and breakfast, in this state for a period of 30 days or less.”

    Washington Examiner (05/19/23) Eden Villalovas

    VRMA Advocacy Team is currently engaged on this issue.

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