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    City of San Diego Wants More Short-Term Rental Hosts to Apply for a License

    San Diego, California, will again try to coax short-term rental hosts to apply for a required license under new regulations that come into force on May 1. The city will reopen the application period for acquiring a two-year license for hosts wanting to rent out their entire homes on a short-term basis for more than 20 days a year. This move comes more than two weeks past the application deadline, without sufficient submissions to reach the city's cap of 5,416 license applications. San Diego Director of Communications Rachel Laing said the city received 3,110 whole-home vacation rental applications, excluding Mission Beach. San Diego allows an unlimited number of licenses for hosts who rent out a room or two while they occupy the home or in cases where they rent out their residence for less than 20 days a year. Venus Molina, chief of staff for Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell, said city staff, in consultation with the City Attorney's office, are weighing various options to ensure everything is fair and legal.

    San Diego Union Tribune (CA) (12/16/22) Lori Weisberg

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