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    Dallas’ New Short-Term Rental Rules Unconstitutional, Lawsuit Alleges

    A group of Dallas short-term rental (STR) operators is suing the city, arguing that new regulations banning STRs from single-family neighborhoods are unconstitutional and violate property rights. In a lawsuit filed Oct. 2, the Dallas Short-Term Rental Alliance and four operators who list their properties on platforms also allege other violations, such as the new rules illegally discriminate against STR owners and operators. The rules were approved by the Dallas City Council in June, and enforcement is expected to start in December. The group is seeking a judge’s order to block the city from enforcing the new regulations. “We feel that we’ve been treated unfairly and the city’s own numbers show over 80% of all STRs have never had a 311 or a 911 call,” said Lisa Sievers, a board member of the alliance. “We’re being penalized because a few people are making very loud noise about this issue, and we don’t feel that’s fair.”

    Dallas Morning News (10/02/23) Everton Bailey Jr.

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