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    Estes Valley Vacation Rental Property Owners Balk at Proposed Changes to Rules

    Larimer County, Colorado, is considering revising short-term rental policies, which homeowners in Estes Valley say will complicate their ability to earn income from their properties. Most of the county's short-term rentals are concentrated in Estes Valley, and some of the proposed changes apply to the county outside the valley. None of those revisions apply to homes within town limits, but the county is working with Estes Park to see whether the two sets of rules and standards share common elements. As drafted, the new regulations might cut the number of rental nights to 135 for small short-term rentals, limit the number of short-term rentals permitted in certain areas, remove license transferability, and increase inspection requirements. Larimer County senior planner Tawn Hillenbrand said the county was hearing confusion and concern from neighbors about ordinances and enforcement, and acknowledged some of the review standards are not as transparent or objective as they could be, particularly where access, safety, and neighborhood compatibility is concerned. She said the county hopes to address these issues "in a way that fits the county's goals and values before it becomes a problem." Residents have until Dec. 14 to comment on the proposed changes.

    Coloradoan (11/23/22) Pat Ferrier

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