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    Expedia Group, Booking Come Together with “One Voice” to Support Short-Term Rentals

    Executives from Booking.com and Expedia Group agree that now is the time for their companies and other stakeholders to come together to address the concerns about short-term rentals being surfaced by regulators and to collaborate to help the industry grow. Speaking at VRMA’s International Conference, Tim Rosolio, vice president of vacation rental partner success at Expedia Group, said, “There was a time when a lot of this industry basically had its head in the sand about regulation. … We’re in a state now where we certainly don’t have our head in the sand and we are starting to slowly come together with that one voice, to make sure we put the right money in the right places and have the right partnerships in the ecosystem.” Booking.com Managing Director Ben Harrell, said, “I would just echo the need for this unified voice. Booking is happy to be helping and pushing and encouraging in this space so lots of opportunity for us to work together to advocate for open opportunities for everybody. … Certainly we want to make sure that vacation rental can not only survive but thrive.”

    PhocusWire (11/13/23) Mitra Sorrells

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