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    Get Ready, Licenses for Short-Term Rentals in San Diego Will Soon Be the Law

    Short-term rental hosts in San Diego, California, must have required licenses to operate by May 1, assuming they are selected in a lottery that will limit rental licenses to 6,500 for whole-home rentals. Applications for licenses will open Oct. 3 with the application period for whole-home rentals ending Nov. 30. The new timetable means hosts who plan to rent their entire home for short-term stays of more than 20 days a year will find out whether they were chosen to get a license by Dec. 26. The lottery framework will not apply to those who operate vacation rentals less than 20 days a year or rent out a few rooms while present in their home. The lottery system will grant the highest priority to longer-tenured operators who have no code violations associated with their units over the last two years; points will be allocated on a weighted scale that would not necessarily ensure a license for such individuals, yet will improve the likelihood that "good actors" will receive a license, according to the City Treasurer's office. Licenses will be unlimited for rentals of less than 20 days a year or for home-sharing operations. The administration and enforcement of the vacation rental regulations will be underwritten by license and application fees, and city officials estimate that applications for the first round of all types of rentals could produce more than $7 million. "The city is also exploring creating an early warning system as part of a technology-based code enforcement solution to address unlicensed listings in all tiers," said City of San Diego spokesman Scott Robinson.

    San Diego Union Tribune (CA) (09/07/22) Lori Weisberg

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